Fogging: What You Need to Know

COVID-19 changed a lot about the importance of proper cleaning, disinfection and hygiene protocols. Managers and employees are more aware of the harmful pathogens and ensure business continuity. One disinfection process that can meet these higher cleaning standards and add peace of mind is called fogging. What is it, and why should your office add this service to its cleaning routine?


What Is Fogging?


Foggingfogging is quite simple: we pour the disinfectant into a specialized machine, which then releases it as a mist or fog into the office atmosphere. The fogging machine can take several forms, but most of the tools look like a leaf blower with a handle to carry it around the space. Others can sit on the ground in the middle of the office or room and fill an area with fog.

Once we turn on the fogger, the atomized disinfectant product enters the air and settles onto surfaces to disinfect them. JDI Cleaning Solutions’ fogging services use a broad spectrum of biocide to provide a comprehensive treatment of open areas. The fogging disinfection includes common areas, drinking fountains, kitchen fixtures, cafeterias, corridors, handles, and anywhere else you might need disinfection in your office.

Fogging can be a highly efficient way of killing bacteria, pathogens, viruses, and germs. But that’s just one of the advantages of this JDI service!


Why Does Your Office Need Fogging?


In a routine cleaning, it can be hard to know where these germs may reside. Fogging fills the atmosphere so that any surface touched by the solution – countertops, walls, floors, and even the highest ceiling nooks – are disinfected.

It’s the main advantage of fogging: since the particles are in a fine mist, the disinfectant can seep into spaces that you may not be able to access. Even manual cleaning by hand can miss spots, but fogging encapsulates the area for total coverage disinfection. 

Dwell time – the minimum time disinfectant stays on surfaces for the period necessary to kill germs – is also improved by fogging. Spraying surfaces and immediately wipe them may not always be sufficient to eliminate bacteria. In the current climate, many clients are choosing to have their offices regularly sprayed to combat COVID-19 and put employees’ minds at ease as more of them re-enter the workplace.


Fogging Must Be Performed By Professionals


The biocide used in fogging is safe, but it still has to be handled with care. When we apply our fogging services to an office, we wear personal protective equipment. 

Before the cleaning and disinfection can take place, you must declutter your space. Decluttering gives our cleaners access to the spaces for disinfection. We are clear with all our clients about focusing on the areas you want us to clean!

Customers should note that fogging alone is not a 100% solution for thorough disinfection. When combined with an expert cleaning of visibly soiled surfaces and manual disinfection, you can get the most comprehensive clean imaginable.

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