5 No-So-Obvious Reasons To Hire A Commercial Cleaner During A Pandemic


As part of your business’s management team, you proudly take responsibility for the wellbeing of your staff and want to do all you can to protect them. During these uncertain times, you may be wary of potentially bringing a commercial cleaning service on board. Outsourcing professional cleaners is a calculated risk; here’s why you should take it.

Stay On Task


CommercialWhile having your staff rotate cleaning duties is better than nothing, switching back and forth between working and tidying can divide your team’s focus, decreasing productivity and increasing your risk of falling behind. Your team is the best at what they do – and commercial cleaners are the best at cleaning! Leave the sanitation to the experts.


Eliminate Allergens


From watery eyes to wheezing and hives, allergies are a perennial issue for hundreds of millions North Americans. Dust mites can be a pain in the side of even the most active workplaces, and outdoor allergens like pollen and spores can be brought in by visitors. Your hired cleaning service can get into the areas that are hard to reach but beloved by allergens, identify problem areas that can turn into health hazards, and propose long-term solutions.


Relieve Stress


A messy exterior leads to a messy mind. The recent pandemic has been an immense source of stress, with many employers wondering how their complex teams are affected. Even outside of pandemic fears, cleaning is adding one more thing atop your already-full plate. But with the assistance of a commercial cleaner, neither you nor your staff will have to stress about clutter or sanitation.


Keep Your Staff Safe


Not all hazards to your workplace will be obvious. Commercial cleaners are thorough, responsible, and proud to be trustworthy under extraordinary circumstances. They’ll be able to identify and where possible rectify potential health & safety violations and keep your office up to standard. 


Save Money


CommercialPaying for professional help is better than floundering on your own. Compare the approximate cost of a professional cleaner to your team’s hourly rate. Distracting your team with cleaning is digging into profits! Hiring professionals for regularly scheduled deep cleaning sessions is an excellent investment, as you’ll have to spend less on short-term cleaning solutions. Professional cleaners of JDI Cleaning Systems offer free quotes so you know exactly what you’re committing to.

These are just a few of the benefits you can expect from working with JDI Cleaning. You’re in good – clean – hands.

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